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July 13th- Facts, Rules, and Myths of Book Copyrights (speaker Gary "Dutch" Hinkle)
Aug 10th- The Writer's Block Myth: Get Past Stuck with the Evidence Journal (speaker Heloise Jones)
Sept 14th- topic pending (speaker Shana Smith)
Oct 12th- Navigating the World of Writers Conferences (speaker Diana Lund)
Nov 9th- topic pending (speaker pending)
Dec 14- Christmas Party (details to come)

Friday, November 14, 2008

FWA Conference Opens

It's Friday morning and the beginning of the conference. I'll be sending updates and impressions as the weekend goes on, so that those who couldn't make it can find out what I think about it. I won't compare it to last weekend, when I attended Donald Maass's High Tension Workshop. That wouldn't be fair. But I will have an entry about that (along with a pic with Don) after this weekend. That one was excellent and well worth the money.

I did find out that going through Tampa at 6pm on a weeknight is not the best way to spend your time. From Pinellas it took me an hour to get near the I-4 interchange! I finally made it here after 3 hours on the road, though once I hit I-4 it was smooth sailing. There was a well-placed rest stop on the way.

Stay tuned...


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