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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Diner Meeting Enlightened by Zombie Publisher

Aaron Alper, from Zombie Nation Publishing, discussed his experiences in publishing, specifically the history of the Zombie: St. Pete books and the direction his company intends to take. The meeting was held at the St. Pete Diner since the library closed in honor of Veteran's Day (Thursday, Nov 11).
The Diner, a popular after meeting spot for the St. Pete FWA group, gave us most of the back room for the meeting, and in addition to Aaron's insights, books were given away, as well as the annual ream. Pat H took home the top prize.

Everyone enjoyed a good time and the chance to sit in small groups and spend more time socializing.

Our next regular meeting will be held in January, but I encourage everyone to come out and support those published authors at the December Authors Showcase.

I'm thankful for everyone in the group and the wonderful times we've shared, the stories, and the things I've learned.


Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Eugene Orlando Muses on All Things Publishing

Eugene Orlando, FWA regional director for Hillsborough County and Brandon writers group leader, informed an attentive crowd on what the publishing industry looks like now at the October 14th meeting, and where it appeared headed in the future. He highlighted the amazing rise of book readers and downloads vs. paper copies and discussed his own move into the e-publishing business.

In the fast-changing world of publishing, many successes have been going against conventional wisdom, and the choices for writers, both new and established, is expanding. Only those who can adapt to this rapid pace will survive, and Mr. Orlando succinctly presented the facts and trends in the business.

See you next month,