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February 11th, MONDAY - Speaker: Martin Von Cannon

Topic: Tools of the Trade for the Independent Author - Lose the Stress and Keep Your Hair

Saturday, December 15, 2018

January 10th ~

If You Think Writing Is Hard, You’re Not Doing It Right

Speaker: Tom Cuba

Tom discusses the many ways to make writing easy and fun.  Having heard time and again, how so many writers find writing hard, Tom found himself perplexed.  Writing is easy and entertaining.  In his talk, Tom presents his own special way of making it, and keeping it, a pleasant experience.

Tom is a former Naval Intelligence Officer, Professional Consulting Ecologist, adjunct professor at St. Pete College, firearms instructor, SCUBA instructor, and wilderness survival instructor.  Currently Tom is an essayist, political consultant, poet, novelist, and the managing director of Dark Horse Florida Publishing, LLC.