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Monday, September 12, 2011

Facebook and Twitter and stuff

Elenora Sabin, aka E. Rose Sabin, YA, Fantasy and Science Fiction author talked about social networking, e-books and small press publishing to 25 attendees at the meeting on Thursday Sep 8. It was a lively discussion where others contributed their experiences as well. Ms. Sabin was pushed, kicking and screaming, to establish her web presence and has come to see the value in it as she builds a following. Her new book, Shadow of a Demon, has just been released and is available from Double-Dragon Publishing in both e-book and soft cover format.
She also showed her video trailer (created herself) and pointed out how to make your own and what sites could help if you choose to do that yourself. After the meeting the held a drawing for several of her books and other surprises.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

The Star Wars Force was with us!

Matthew Stover, Star Wars author and science fiction author, talked about franchise fiction ( as opposed to fan fiction - which I had thought were one and the same ), about writing, and about his newest project: a graphic comic book series. It was very informative and interesting to hear about his work with the Star Wars label. We had someone from Sarasota come to hear him, as well as some others who were familiar with his work and with the Star Wars franchise.
Mr. Stover talked about how writing the Star Wars books also gave him insight into his own writing and strengthened his own novels while providing him with something we all hope to make from our writing (or some of us, anyway): money. With that comes the freedom to write, and it was clear he enjoyed doing that very much.