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There will NOT be a meeting in October 2019, as the third Thursday in October is the first day of the FWA Conference.

St. Pete Writers Group - What's It All About?

What is St. Pete Writers Group?

St. Pete Writers Group is a part of the Florida Writers Association. The group meets at the Seminole Community Library (113th Street North) every 3rd Thursday of the month at 6 p.m. These meetings are open to the public and typically involve a speaker who spends about an hour giving a lecture on some aspect of writing, publishing, social media, and other tools for writers. Most of these speakers are authors and professionals.

Who is the St. Pete Writers Group leader?

The Writers Group Leader for St. Pete is Maria Fox who began volunteering in December 2017.

Maria Fox is a former academic and literature professor. When she was little, her dream was to learn all the languages in the world so that she would never be a stranger no matter where she went. As an adult, she earned Ph.D. in Comparative Literature (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 1996). She taught at Georgia Southern University and Eckerd College. As Maria Stadter Fox, she is the founding editor (2007-2011) of H. D.’s Web, an online journal dedicated to the American poet H. D. ( She has published in scholarly journals and given presentations at academic conferences. With Zara Martirosova Torlone, she translated and published two plays by Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva (Soul and Passion: Marina Tsvetaeva’s Classical Plays, 2012.) If she is not writing stories, Maria may be found crocheting, crossword-puzzling, watching Carolina basketball, or repelling persistent Florida wildlife from her house.

Maria's website:

Are there Critique Groups through the St. Pete Writers Group?

At this time, our Critique Groups have filled up, but more are forming soon. Please email Maria and let her know you are interested in joining or facilitating a critique group. She can be reached at


Anonymous said...

How can I be involved in a local author's workshop? Four books recently published: Matryoshka and Street Cleaners (Mirador), Question Everything...Then Dig Deeper (Green Ivy), and Adventures in House Sitting (World Castle). Visit my website, THNX

FWA St. Petersburg said...

If you're interested in checking out our group, we meet the 2nd Thurs of every month at the Main Branch St. Pete Library at 6PM. The meeting is open to the public. Sometimes we have speakers and sometimes we have more workshop type settings. For December our Christmas Party is in a different location, so make note of the info from the blog post.

Unknown said...

I am interested in attending your group. Are teens welcome? My 16 year old is a budding writer and loves other writers!

Unknown said...

I'm confused. Does the group meet at the main library or out in Seminole?

FWA St. Petersburg said...

Sorry for the confusion! We meet at the Seminole Community Library on 113th Street North.