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Thursday, March 3, 2011

Bookstores and Valiant Mystery Writers - Jan/Feb

I'm condensing the previous 2 meetings into a single post so that I can catch up and not do a disservice to the presenters (by posting one and then another quickly - this way they share the same time at the top).

**************************************** January 2011

In January Nancy Alloy, owner of Books at Park Place in Disston Plaza (49th St and 38th Ave, St. Pete) and previous representative for Ingram's, gave an honest talk on the state of the book store and the industry and answered questions from the attentive crowd. (The link above goes to a story about her store from a June 2010 issue of Creative Loafing.)

Ebooks were a big topic, as they have been lately with all the press they are receiving, and talk also focused on distribution and marketing. The January 13th meeting provided a nice kickoff for our new year, and I think everyone is excited about the new things happening in the world of the written word.

Bria Burton read from one of her works-in-progress to practice speaking in front of a group.

**************************************** February 2011

Mystery author Diane Sawyer braved the stomach ailments long enough to talk quickly about characterization, and give away door prizes of her books. She showed off her latest book, The Treasures of Montauk Cove, her 5th Avalon mystery. (The link is to the book from another website - not one I earn anything from!) After several valiant attempts to continue, Diane had to bid adieu to tend to her illness. We thank her for making the effort, and finished the evening of February 10th with some readings by attendees.

April Brown read from one of her works this evening.


It's been a great start to the year and we look forward to more interesting meetings. Please stop by any time and see what's coming up.