Next Meeting

There will NOT be a meeting in October 2019, as the third Thursday in October is the first day of the FWA Conference.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019


For our Thursday, April 18, 2019, meeting, writers are welcome to join us for a Live Critique Session. We'll meet at the Seminole Community Library at 6:00 PM. Networking and mingling begin at 5:30 PM. As always, this meeting is open to the public.

Activity: One Page Critique

Moderator: Bria Burton

What to bring: A single page of your novel, short story, or other writing (double-spaced, up to 250 words)

Who can participate: First-come first-serve, members and non-members. Sign up when you arrive.

How the critique works:

·         After the author reads their page, listeners will offer their comments.

·         Listeners will be encouraged to provide positive feedback and constructive criticism in combination.

·         Author will not be allowed to talk during the critique (a buzzer will be on hand--if the author talks, they will get buzzed).

·         The critique will be timed for each author. At four minutes, the moderator will announce that the critique is over. The next author will then read their First Page.

Does everyone have to read?

No. But all in attendance will be encouraged to provide feedback, even those who choose not to read their work to the group.

Hope to see you there!