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June 14th- The Writing Life: Hacks, Tips, and Solutions (speaker Elle Andrews Patt)

July 12th- From Novel to Cocoon to Screenwriting (speaker Barbara Harrington)

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September 13th- The Evolution of Genres (speaker Ken Pelham)

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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Jack Moves the Words

Jack Vanek, the poet, talked about the link between poetry and prose, and offered several great quotes for attendees to digest. As always, it's about the words. The stronger the word, the more meaning it imparts, the stronger your story. He read several of his poems, some very moving and reflective of his life.

In addition, others joined in by reading their work, and we were privileged to have Cosmic Radio appear for several musical poetry numbers and one spoken word piece to finish the evening. For the tandem, it was their 219th different venue on their quest to play at 300 different places. (I forget if there was a timeline attached, and when I asked what they would do after they reached 300 they said go for 400.)

It was a great night for the 20 in attendance as they were treated to some great poetry and original music, ranging from dark to light in tone.

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