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Thursday, February 18, 2016

March FWA St. Pete Meeting

For our March 10th meeting, author and Soul Attitude Press publisher John Rehg will be presenting. As usual, we'll meet at the Main Branch St. Pete Library at 6 PM. Networking/mingling begins at 5:30 PM. This meeting is open to the public.

Topic: Dump Your Word Processor!
Other Tools to Help You Write More Effectively

A demonstration of free tools available to fit your writing style, making you more productive in producing your masterpiece. John Rehg, president, CEO, owner, and head honcho of Soul Attitude Press, will show you several writing tools (all free) that might fit your writing style better than the standard word processor.

He will also answer all questions regarding self publishing, during the 


JOHN REHG has been writing and rewriting since 2006, after taking 30 years off to pursue a career. He's still working, fitting in writing at odd times of day or night. After getting several short stories published in various anthologies, he started his own publishing business, to control the revenue on his stories as well as to help others realize their dream of holding their own book in their hands. He has published his own short fiction and non-fiction, and has helped others publish their stories. His novel is currently in its second revision, which he hopes to complete this year.

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