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May 11th- 14 Ways to Find More Writing Time (speakers Liza Garcia & Shirley Jump)
June 8th- Talking Points - Writing Great Dialogue (speaker Ricko Donovan)
July 13th- Facts, Rules, and Myths of Book Copyrights (speaker Gary "Dutch" Hinkle)
Aug 10th- topic pending (speaker Heloise Jones)
Sept 14th- topic pending (speaker Shana Smith)

Monday, June 10, 2013

June meeting

Our next meeting will be on June 13th at the St Petersburg Main Library. We start gathering at 5:30 with a short time for socializing before the meeting.

June's speaker will be (drum roll please) me. I will be holding a class on how to perform a proper critique; what to look for and how to effectively get your suggestions across.

This will be an overview with some diving into more detailed items; a full class would take much more time than what we have available.

Due to my costs for preparing the handbook, I'm asking feedback on who is planning on attending, this is so I have enough material for everyone.

Due to time constraints, we will probably not have time to critique anyone's work during the meeting, but arrangements might be arranged to offer that at a later date.

I hope to see you all there. 

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