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Monday, January 11, 2010

Ask Sam: Adding line numbers for easy critiquing

When a critique group discusses a manuscript, it can be difficult for everyone to find the same passage and follow along. When someone says paragraph two, does she mean the second complete paragraph, or is she counting the widowed lines from the previous page as a paragraph? Which sentence is she talking about? You can make it easy for everyone to zero in on a specific line by having Word number the lines in each manuscript. Open the story you want to work with and perform the steps for your version of Word.

Word 2003
  1. Click File and Page Setup.
  2. Click the Layout tab.
  3. Click the Line Numbers button.
  4. Check the Add line numbering checkbox.
  5. Click OK to accept the default selection.
  6. Click OK to close the Page Layout dialog.
To turn line numbering off when you're done with it, perform the same steps but in step four, clear the Add line numbering checkbox.

Word 2007
This is one of the rare instances where doing something in Word 2007 is easier than Word 2003. There are only three steps:
  1. Click the Page Layout Tab.
  2. Click Line Numbers.
  3. Select Restart Each Page.
To turn line numbering off when you're done with it, perform the same steps but select "None" in the last step.

"Ask Sam" is a weekly feature. I have several topics lined up but I can use suggestions. If you have questions about using Windows (XP, Vista, or Windows 7) or Word (2003 or 2007), send e-mail to stfalco AT and I'll try to answer your questions here.

1 comment:

Cher'ley said...

This is great. I've never had the time/patience/knowledge to figure out how to use all the features in these programs. I just got Word 2007 and I hate it, but so many people use it, I have succumbed.