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July 13th- Facts, Rules, and Myths of Book Copyrights (speaker Gary "Dutch" Hinkle)
Aug 10th- The Writer's Block Myth: Get Past Stuck with the Evidence Journal (speaker Heloise Jones)
Sept 14th- topic pending (speaker Shana Smith)
Oct 12th- Navigating the World of Writers Conferences (speaker Diana Lund)
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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Donna Cutting Introduces the Sexiest Man Alive

"Running makes me think of death." Yeah, let me give you a good therapist's number. "A cockroach crawled across his face, and he looked up to realize he had spent the night in a dumpster, his best sleep in months." And they didn't even leave the light on. The dark side of professional sports; what it's like to be a foster child; mapping Alaska in a wild adventure -- present books and future books, FWA members practiced their pitches under the expert eye of certified professional speaker Donna Cutting tonight, Thursday, December 10th.

Donna warmed up the group with a quick review of the Celebrity Experience, then covered some basics of presentation and why a writer might want to get comfortable in front of an audience. She broke the structure of a presentation into three parts: Opening, Body, and Closing. Sounds very similar to a 3-act play to me.

After each brave writer made their pitch, Donna provided feedback on their strengths and weaknesses, and was impressed with each person's preparation. Donna provided a handout that gave a concise list of the main objectives and points of each part of a presentation.

Oh, and the sexiest man? He spoke of the cockroach, but shall remain nameless. Guess you just had to be there!

Until next year,


Sam said...

As always, you brought us a fantastic speaker. I can hardly wait to see what 2010 will bring.

No takers yet on the Word/Windows advice, but I have a couple of ideas to get things rolling and with any luck, questions will start coming in once I get started.

FWA St. Petersburg said...

Thanks, Sam. Yeah, the advice might need a kick start. I've got a couple thoughts on it, too. Will see what I can come up with and email you.