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May 11th- 14 Ways to Find More Writing Time (speakers Liza Garcia & Shirley Jump)
June 8th- Talking Points - Writing Great Dialogue (speaker Ricko Donovan)
July 13th- Facts, Rules, and Myths of Book Copyrights (speaker Gary "Dutch" Hinkle)
Aug 10th- topic pending (speaker Heloise Jones)
Sept 14th- topic pending (speaker Shana Smith)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Final Day!

The final day is here, but hasn't yet begun. I'm exhausted, but had a great time getting to know old friends better, meet new people, create scenes here and there. Just having fun. I won't name all those who made this conference one I'll remember, that would probably be as interesting as the Oscar acceptance speech for best gaffer. There is one workshop left. I am skipping the one that started 25 minutes ago, a choice between two different writing prompts. I've written enough, revising my first page each night, completing 3 more reflections (poetry) to finish November, and adding posts here when I could.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the November meeting. I will begin email reminders mid-week once I've established our meeting place. I intend to have that task completed by Wednesday night.

Keep writing, and keep talking to writers!

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