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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

In 30 seconds

When you think about writing, do you smile from the inside out? Well, I do. As writers, I am sure the question gets a yes answer from you too.

However, do you have times when you think about writing and even though the idea makes you very happy, as soon as the thought enters your mind, a flood of "reasons" why you shouldn't enters too?

Think about why these reasons are coming up because in less than 30 seconds you could be allowing yourself to push away the one thing you really were put on this earth to do---write.

This happened to me this morning when I was thinking about the children's books my daughter and I want to write. I had started thinking about how the story could be arranged and BAM! within 30 seconds a flood of questions came in filling my mind, "Do you have time to really do this?", "Even if you get done, how are you going to get it published", "You will need to find an illustrator and that is going to cost money."

I started to think why bother---but then I stopped myself and said to myself, "Because I have wanted to be a writer for a very long time and every time I think about writing, it makes me really happy."

So I want to encourage my fellow writers to not listen to the 30 seconds of "reasons" not to write from stopping you from doing one of the things that makes you the most happy.

Continue writing. The other stuff will work itself out.

Your fellow writer,

Teresa Morrow

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