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Thursday, February 19, 2009

E Sabin Enlightens all on Editing

Elenora Sabin presented tips and techniques on revising and editing your work last Thursday, the 12th, to an enthusiastic audience. Using her own personal experience as a base, Elenora touched on sentence structure, using all the senses and working to get your final manuscript to match your original vision. She answered many questions about content and mechanics and included several handouts to take home; in addition, she shared some steps she takes to make her revision process go smoothly and help her editor when it's time to prepare the work for publishing.

We tried out a new seating arrangement, requested by members and inspired by PINAWOR, with tables set up in a rectangle. This worked very well and I received thanks for setting it up, but I confess it was set up about that way when I got there, and I only had to make a few minor adjustments. If the tables are not set up like that, it would take a lot of work to put them up. I usually try to get to the library around 5 p.m. for setup, and if anyone else can make it by that time it would help in getting the room setup like that every time. (hint, hint)

Again, a warm thank you to Elenora for sharing her experience and expertise. I know several of our members are also members of PINAWOR, and I would encourage those who can to join that group also. They hold some low cost workshops several times a year. Also, if you can't find the time to join a critique group, they do critiques most Saturdays (5 min reading - members only).


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