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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Roy Peter Clark Touts Tools on T'ursday

Dr. Roy Peter Clark discussed several of the writing tools from his book to an enthusiastic audience of 25. Reading two of his own earlier journalistic pieces evoked poignant memories from several members. Roy used an example for in-depth evaluation of tool #2: Order words for emphasis, and used the same story to explain other tools when asked for clarification of specific strategies.

He also spoke about his City of Writers project, an idea that is still building, that celebrates and promotes those involved in writing and encourages others to participate. FWA is happy to work with him in any way we can to support this idea.

I had hoped he would use music in his presentation, but we found that the piano in the library auditorium is not owned by the library, and apparently can only be touched by the tuner of said instrument. Strange indeed.

I look forward to seeing you at next month's meeting, and thank those who were able to attend our first meeting of 2009.



Teresa Morrow said...

I enjoyed being at this my first meeting of St. Petersburg Writers Group. I had met Dr. Clark at the Festival of Reading in October and purchased his book. On Thursday, it was nice to hear him speak on the subject of writing and hear him read two of his works.
I enjoy the way he he would say, his style.
The members and guests on Thursday were very kind and inviting to me and I plan on coming back each month. And I will be sure to tell others about it.


Teresa Morrow

John said...

Thanks, Teresa! You make a great addition to the group.