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Saturday, October 11, 2008

Necronomicon 2008 Live update!

Greetings fellow writers and aspiring writers!

Can you believe it? I'm actually blogging from the Necronomicon, the SF&F (Science Fiction and Fantasy, butalso includes Horror and Anime) convention going on at the Hilton St. Pete this weekend. I've met a lot of interesting authors, including the honored guests Frederik Pohl, Julie Czerneda and Rick Wilber. Rick is a journalism professor at USF Tampa, and indicated he would be willing to talk to us and also put us in touch with many others in the area.

I'm excited about 2009 and the possible schedule we can develop with all of the talent in this area.

The costumes are great, and I think my favorite is one of the latest Joker. Not just from the makeup and stuff, but because the guy acts the part. I've missed most of the writing workshops, having gone to a Q&A with Pohl (he's 88, so I was reading him in grade school and high school back in the Middle Ages), and an interesting workshop by Czerneda concerning scientific literacy.
A bonus was she went over elements of an SF story.


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